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About Us

Who We Are

Sons of a Dream Music LLC is the company founded by William J Tsamis and Mark Zonder to produce and promote the music of WARLORD, Lordian Guard, William J Tsamis and Mark S Zonder
Sons of a Dream Music LLC controls and owns everything related to Warlord, including logo trademarks, copyrights, new album production, restoration of original analog recordings which will be provided through iTunes™, AmazonMP3™, Zune Marketplace™, eMusic™, GooglePlay™, Pandora™, Rhapsody™, Spotify™,™ etc. Also, re-releases of the original analog recordings will be available in CD and Vinyl formats.

Our Mission
We aim to bring Warlord's music to the spotlight and to provide all Warlord fans with quality Warlord-branded products at affordable prices.

Sons of a Dream Music LLC is a registered Florida corporation, exclusively owned by William J Tsamis and Mark S Zonder.

Warlord Management: Phoebus Dokos.

Warlord, The Warlord Logo, The Stylized "W", Lordian Guard and the Lordian Guard logo are all registered trademarks of Sons Of A Dream Music LLC.  © 1982-2013 - All rights Reserved.

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